Blind to the Bones

The fourth novel in the Ben Cooper and Diane Fry series is now available in paperback in the UK.

Amid the desolate moors of the Dark Peak, in a valley of lost communities, the villagers of Withens are dying. One has been battered to death and left for the crows to find; another chose the wrong time to call on a neighbour. And one has been dead for two years - though not everyone will believe it. 

DC Ben Cooper's attempts to solve the killings come up against an impenetrable barrier in the shape of the Oxley family. Descendants of tunnel-builders, they stick to their own area like the hefted sheep on the hillsides, passing on secret knowledge through generations, and guarding their traditions jealously from outsiders.

And as far as the parents of missing student Emma Renshaw are concerned, their daughter is still alive -- which doesn't help DS Diane Fry in her efforts to re-open the case. Will a grim discovery finally allow the Renshaws to return to their normal lives, or break their grip on reality? And could the secret knowledge held by the Oxleys ever be presented to a judge and jury? 

A dark and compelling novel from a writer of great skill.   -  Crime Time magazine

There are few, if any, contemporary writers who do this as well as Stephen Booth.   Arena magazine


Now in paperback from HarperCollins priced 6.99

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